Research Paper

Below is more information regarding the research paper, required for the scholarship application package.


This project is designed to give you a chance to express your interest in Polish culture and history in a scholarly fashion and to provide the scholarship committee of the Polish University Club with a way to measure your academic potential and writing skills.

The Topic:

You may write about any aspect of Polish history or culture.  You may choose to explore current political events or social developments.  This may be an opportunity to research a topic that relates to your hobbies and interests (for example, music or literature) and even your future career, as long as it has a Polish component.  We accept actual term papers you have written for one of your classes, as long as they are edited to meet the requirements listed here.

The paper should have a clearly stated thesis; this means that you should make a statement in your introductory paragraph and provide arguments to support it.   If you choose to write about an eminent Polish figure, do not simply submit a biography of that person; your thesis should state why you chose to write about him or her.  For example, you may write about Marie Skłodowska–Curie’s efforts to highlight the plea of Polish political independence, but do not simply summarize her biography. Further, as we expect a university-level paper, we do not accept casual descriptions of childhood memories or rhapsodies about Polish food or pop culture.

Format & Style:

The format of the paper should follow the standards for any university-level term-paper.  Again, we are looking for a clearly stated thesis and arguments to support it.  You should provide a reference page.  You may choose any standard format of annotations and bibliography, such as the Chicago Manual of Style.

The paper should be written in English and be 7-10 pages long, including a complete bibliography with all references used. The first page should include the title, your name, date, and your email. Please e-mail your paper as an attachment to along with the rest of your digital application materials.


Papers taken off the Internet, or copied from books or other print material will be rejected. Plagiarism is a punishable offence at universities and colleges; punishments include failing courses and other disciplinary measures, up to being expelled from the university. Do not try to receive funds to further your education by committing the very offence that would end your education prematurely.  

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